STS Terminal controlled and owned more than 10 major tanks farms in the major terminals in across Russia federation, we also are contractor to Transneft and we also mentain all Transneft oil and gas terminals along side our terminals as well as terminal of some major oil companies in Russia federation, one of our tank farm has the capacity to store per month 5million metric tons of D2, 330 millions barrels of Jet fuel, 5 million metric tons, m100-75 5 million metric tons, LNG 5 million metric tons, LPG 5million metric tons.
Our pipelines are never too busy likewise our oil terminals for loading, they re never too busy for loading and transportation of oil and gas product. We also regulate laws of oil and gas export and transportation together with the ministry of energy Russia federation. Our private refinery has the capacity to refine 5million metric tons of D2, 330 millions barrels of Jet fuel, 5million metric tons, m100-75 5million metric tons, LNG 5million metric tons, LPG 5million metric tons monthly
STS Terminal is one of the oldest and most experienced organisation in Russia federation,we work together with Transneft to soften delivery of product from all around Russia federation to a close terminal within Russia for easy loading, STS Terminal controls all legal tank farm and terminal operating companies in Russia federation, STS terminal a Russian government trusted organization in oil and gas transportation, storage and product, we work so hard to secure Russia’s natural resources most especially oil and gas products, making it easy for international buyers of Russia’s natural resources to access and do business with Russia federation.
Our function and history, Time has shown that STS Terminal professionalism, quality and individual approach, and as a result of non-stop operation of seafarers. confirmation of this positive feedback Murmansk association captains: experience and streamlined communications to shore structures involving contact with the vessel, to a large extent, to help optimally resolve any difficulties and problems. After these reviews are not surprised by the fact that STS Terminal is the only organisation who can assist and help buyers world wide to secure Russia oil and gas products in terms of storage, transportation, confirmation of oil and gas, construction of tank farms and helping business man around the world to secure a drilling allocation in Russia federation.
We also assist Transflot in making sure that no buyer or seller of Russia oil and gas bypasses taxation, we also make sure on behalf of the Russian government to make sure products sold out of Russia meets our export standard.One of our main responsibilities is to making sure we void oil spillage.