The STS Terminal, being involved in cargo transportation on sea and inland waterways, is aware of the importance of effective shipping management and is committed to using the best methods and ways to ensure its safety and environmental protection.
The Company Management understands, supports and directs its activities in accordance with the rules and requirements of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and other recognized organizations, assumes all the responsibilities imposed by the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code).
The STS Terminal considers maritime safety and environmental protection management policy to be a priority and in order to achieve this standard emphasizes the right understanding, implementing and maintaining policies by each member of the company, both ashore and aboard.
Since 2007 for achievement of these goals the Company has developed and applied on the vessels of mixed type (river-sea) the voluntary safety management system based on legal documents and analysis of practical experience of the fleet.
Since January 1, 2013 on the inland navigation vessels the safety management system (SMS), meeting the requirements of the Inland Water Transport Code, was introduced.
The policy in the sphere of safely control the STS Terminal is:

  • Ensuring safe operation of the vessel and safety working and recreation conditions;
  • Protection against all identified risks connected with the vessel operation;
  • Improving skills of the ashore and aboard safety related staff;
  • Readiness to prevent accidents connected with vessel operation.